Monday, December 12, 2005

Image of Guadalupe --A Pop Icon

From The Arizona Republic:

"The image of the beloved Virgin of Guadalupe has moved from the solemn walls of Catholic churches and onto the stylish hips of fashionistas like Priscila Ferrand.

The Mexican version of the Virgin Mary is on the Scottsdale nurse's $300 belt, threaded through her low-rise jeans. Her dark-skinned face shines on a silver buckle surrounded by green stones.

For almost five centuries, since her legendary appearance to a peasant Aztec atop a Mexican mountain, she has been the religious icon of the devout. Today, la Virgen de Guadalupe is also a pop icon. "

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  1. Well, why not, the Beatles were a pop icon until they said they were greater than Jesus Christ. Young thangs of both sexes wear Guevara's visage on t-shirts and who knows what and where else. So why not use the Mother of God as a model pop or whatever and be reminded to do what she wants people to do. "Follow her son." This could be the scapular of the new era. Might be good in reminding people of not doing what they should not be doing. It's me wdcopportunity but won't let me go in.


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