Friday, November 25, 2005

Put the Mass Back in Christmas!

Okay, originally this was a post questioning the authenticity of the document banning gays from the priesthood...but after reading comments it just struck me that it is all straw...what really matters is what you and I are doing with the awesome gift that we have been given and how are we sharing that gift?

Worried about the secularization of Christmas? Give the gift that calls to mind the presence of Christ available to all...and explains how in detail to those who have not heard or do not understand...and another that helps those who "get" the gift that is being offered daily by Our Lord to "get" the most from it!

Everyday can be Christmas! (except Good Friday)

Put the Mass back into your family and friends Christmas by giving them the tools necessary... tape it to the back of that ipod or whatever gift they think they want...


  1. I am a former faculty member of a Catholic Seminary and know that no one would have been accepted into most Catholic seminaries who was active sexually regardless of orientation.

    Do you mean "who [reported] being sexually active..."? I was in a major seminary ten years ago, and some guys were, in fact, sexually active... even after acceptance into the seminary. In most cases, these men left of their own volition shortly afterward. I don't imagine faculty knew about it until the guys came forward... or until classmates brought it to the rector's attention.

  2. You've made several mistakes reading the document. Read it again, critically, this time. Fr. Rob is correct.

    And it is the case that instructors and rectors of seminaries in the past have known things were going on that were not supposed to be going on...and tolerated it, at the very least. It was glossed over as "broken men for the broken world." Which is BULL****. The document makes that situation clear.

    It's about time we started thinking about these things intelligently. Long live Benedict XVI.

  3. First as a point of reference, I am a former faculty member of a Catholic Seminary
    Does that mean you were a priest?


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