Friday, November 4, 2005

Nude Ad in Catholic Weekly?


Italy's best-selling weekly, the Catholic-oriented Famiglia Cristiana, is being looked at in a new light this week after it published its first ever picture of a naked female bottom .

The magazine's unprecedented move did not go unnoticed in Italy, partly thanks to national newspapers, most of which carried an article on it on Thursday. One daily even put the news on its front page .

The picture, part of an advertisement for bathroom ventilators, showed the steamed up glass of a shower cubicle through which the central part of a woman's body could be seen from behind .

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  1. It's probably an Italian thing. Heck, they have a statue of a naked guy at the main square in Florence and call it a masterpiece.

    Even more alarming is when you see (and I've heard of both firsthand by poeople who saw it with their own eyes) ads for Planned Parenthood and the masonic Lodge in parish bulletins.


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