Saturday, November 5, 2005

November-Momento Mori

This is the month in the church's calendar when we remember those who have "fallen asleep" and at the same time remember our own mortality and the judgment that awaits us. This Sunday's reading combines both themes.

Pope Benedict praying before the tomb of John Paul II:

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  1. I had the privilege of going to noon mass at St. Stephen's church, el dia de los difuntos, and then did the prayers of the novena to Our Lady of Sorrows, and felt gratified that at least my dead were getting prayers and at least the ones I knew and/or loved most get their prayers at the Miraculous Medal Society (which by the way is in Chinatown where they do the Novena here every Monday.)
    So it is not something of 1 day a year, you got to think about them all the time, like the little kids in that "Bluebird" movie that visited their grandparents every time they thought about them. They were here with us and will be with us forever and will be waiting for us when we cross "the pearly gates" so think about them and also help them get out of Purgatory faster by offering more masses for them. Love: Big K.

    Oh yeah and please don't do like Amado Nervo says, "que solo se quedan los muertos" they are here with us, and their memory persists, I get to know about the love that my grandmother had for her grandmother and it is passed thru the years.


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