Sunday, November 13, 2005

And they would have won the SEC East had they won...

Hard to be impressed with Urban Meyer's first year as the UF head coach. He has taken a team loaded with talent and managed to squeak wins out against Vanderbilt and other lesser talented teams, while at the same time losing to the likes of South Carolina.

Spurrier who could have been coaching the Gators if he hadn't been asked to particpate in interviews like the other candidates (were there ever any other candidates besides Meyer?)...has taken a team with no talent and beat the likes of Florida, Tennesee and came close to beating Georgia.

Why would anyone think that the genius who hired Ron Zook to replace Spurrier in the first place would do any better the second time around--even when given the opportunity to hire Mr. Gator back again?

By the way the USF Bulls are on track to be in the BCS this year...while two of the big three won't be...

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