Thursday, October 27, 2005

Priest Battled with Satan

wcr:10/31/2005 — Priest battled with Satan


  1. My pastor has long recommended every family pray the, "St. Michael..." prayer daily. When we pray I find myself dwelling on Satan's attacks on the Church overall but find myself conscious that he wouldn't mind to pause for a little tidbit of my family.

    Saint Michael the Archangel deliver us....

  2. What an excellent interview/article! It included in a short space so many of the variations, concerns, facts, common errors. I worked in a healing ministry where I saw some of these things. This "Fr. Mike" is "right on". Thanks for running this, Michael.

  3. Though I am a layman with no expertise in this area, something seems a little off here.

    First of all, I've never heard of a mid-level grade of non-exorcist priests who take on mid-level, softer, demonic oppression cases while leaving the heavy lifting of demonic possession to full-blown exorcists. I would think that even borderline or mid-level cases would and should be better left in the hands of a diocesan-appointed exorcist who has the competency to handle low-level, high-level, and everything in between. What Father Mike is describing sounds like the exorcist equivalent of a paralegal to me.

    Nor have I ever heard of priest/layman teams conducting "deliverance prayer" for any kind of mid-level cases of demonic oppression or obsession. I could be wrong about this, and I invite correction if I am.

    Also, if a during such a session, as described in the article, an armchair is levitated off the ground, how does that _not_ warrant investigation and intervention by a full exorcist?

    Lastly, near the end of the article, I thought this paragraph sounded a little strange:

    "Father Mike says they told some who'd been prayed for that they might continue to hear voices afterwards, but now the voices were "on the outside" and not on the inside. "

    Continuing to hear voices is ok? Because they're on the "outside" now instead of the "inside"?

    I dunno, but somehow, some aspects of this article just don't ring true.


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