Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Benedict urges Poles to Pray for JPII's Beatification

From IOL: Benedict urges Poles to pray for JPII's beatification:

"Pope Benedict XVI today urged Polish pilgrims to pray for the beatification of
Pope John Paul II, saying his predecessor's teachings and life were important
for the faithful today.

Benedict made the comments in Polish during his
weekly general audience, noting that six months had passed since John Paul's
April 2 death.

"All of his teachings and the example of his life remain
important and contemporary for us," Benedict said.

"I entrust his
beatification to your prayers of the Rosary."

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  1. JMJ

    Hastiness in this matter can have devastating consequences. With all due respect to the Holy Father, let's wait until history has judged the pontificate. The Church has never worked in haste; there's a good reason for that.


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