Friday, September 23, 2005

Cardinal Law Got One Vote to be Pope in Last Conclave

Cardinal Bergoglio of Agentina was the closest challenger to Benedict...

From Guardian Unlimited World Latest Diary Reveals Vote Tally for New Pope:

Ratzinger also led the second ballot with 65 votes, while Bergoglio received 35.
In the third round of voting, Ratzinger got 72 votes and Bergoglio 40.

Ratzinger needed 77 votes in the final round to win the necessary
two-thirds majority of the 115 voting cardinals. He got 84, Bergoglio got 26,
and three other cardinals also registered one vote apiece in the last round:
Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, Italian Cardinal Giacomo Biffi and
American Cardinal Bernard Law, according to the diary.


  1. According to the Pope's bumper sticker, Arinze got at least one vote!

  2. JMJ

    Too many holes. Which Cardinal's diary? How did his diary get in someone else's hands? It needs to establish the case a little better before I believe it. In general, Italian joutnalists in are not credibili.

  3. When the cardinals went into the conclave didn't they have to make a promise of secrecy? How serious is the breaking of this promise? Many leaks have been around about what happened in the conclave; what does that tell us about the ethics of some of the cardinals of the Catholic Church?


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