Thursday, August 11, 2005

Remember You are a Sinner

The greatest crisis in the Church today is the loss of consciousness of our own sins. Reform will begin not when we see ourselves as different from the world but accept that we are part of the fallen nature of the world and need Christ to save us!

Then, we will fulfill the law of Christ not to judge...and the sins of others will not give us pause to rejoice but rather to mourn our own sinfulness.

From The Desert Fathers: Selected Sayings:

"At that time a meeting was held at Sketis about a brother who had sinned. The Fathers spoke, but Abba Pior kept silent. Later, he got up and went out. He took a sack and filled it with sand and carried it on his shoulder; then he put a little sand into a small bag that he carried in front of him. When the Fathers asked him what this meant he said, 'In this sack which contains much sand, are my sins which are many; I have put them behind me so that I might not be troubled about them and so that I might not weep. And behold, here are the little sins of my brother which are in front of me, and I spend my time judging them. This is not right. Rather, I ought to carry my sins in front of me and concern myself with them, begging God to forgive me.' The Fathers stood up and said, 'Verily, this is the way of salvation.'"

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