Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Feast Day of St. Rose of Lima

From Catholic Culture:

Rose of Lima, a member of the Third Order of St. Dominic, was the "first blossom of sanctity that South America gave to the world." Hers was a life heroic in virtue and penance. The evils perpetrated by the conquerors of the land in their lust for gold, she expiated. For many her life was a silent sermon of penance. Pope Clement X stated in the bull of canonization: "Since the discovery of Peru no missionary has arisen who effected a similar popular zeal for the practice of penance."

Already as a five-year-old child (born 1586), Rose vowed her innocence to God. While still a young girl, she practiced mortifications and fasts that exceeded ordinary discretion; during all of Lent she ate no bread, but subsisted on five citron seeds a day. In addition, she suffered repeated attacks from the devil, painful bodily ailments, and from her family, scoldings and calumnies. All this she accepted serenely, remarking that she was treated better than she deserved. For fifteen years she patiently endured the severest spiritual abandonment and aridity. In reward came heavenly joys, the comforting companionship of her holy guardian angel and of the Blessed Virgin. August 24, 1617, proved to be the day "on which the paradise of her heavenly Bridegroom unlocked itself to her."

Excerpted from The Church's year of grace, Pius Parsch.

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  1. She might be Peruvian but she was born in the isle of Taboga (the island of the flowers in Panama) and from there she was taking a babe in arms to Peru.

    Also people think St. Martin de Porres was dark, nope he was very light-skinned, so light skinned that his dad don Martin de Porres, governor of Panama (His mom was Panamanian living in Peru) took him and his sister and gave them education and other family stuff because they were so light-skinned so when I see them with that negrito statue I just laugh 'cause I know the real story, just ask don Ricardo Palma and his "Tradiciones Peruanas"


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