Monday, June 27, 2005

Sr. Joan Chittister

Interesting article...The Thinkers: A life dedicated to her faith, and to questioning its policies:

When Catholic women ask her what they should do, she has this characteristic advice:

'I always tell them, if you're going to leave, don't leave quietly.

'And if you're going to stay, don't stay quietly.'"


  1. Michael...

    I'd be interested to read your comments regarding Sr. Joan. She's more than controversial, yet she's free to teach. This I find confusing...

  2. I think what I find interesting about this article is her background. Her father died when she was three. Her mother remarried to a non-Catholic man who you find in the story in another place was an alcoholic. All of this provides an interesting backdrop to her fight against the "patriarchy" of the Church. Then there is her bout with polio when she first entered into religious life.

    Take all of this as a whole then add to it her views against the miraculous, the power of God to intervene...what you are left with is a very human religion of Sr. Joan.

    Why is she allowed a stage to share this religion with bishops, priests, religious, and laity?

    This best can be explained by the lack of faith that she enunciates so well for those who think like her. Why do they stay in the Church? Security.

  3. I'm another anonymous. Were that such of those like Sr. Joan could acknowledge their anger and feelings of helplessness through good counselors like Dr. Fitzgibbons. They'd be able to get beyond their arrested emotional development and be a lot happier.


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