Thursday, June 9, 2005

Secretary Defends Saving Pope's Papers

I think he makes a good point that the Pope gave him a "free hand" in deciding what should be burned...

Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Secretary Defends Saving Pope's Papers


  1. "did not explain the circumstances under which John Paul had conveyed to him the change of his will regarding the burning of his notes."

    I tend to disagree with both of you ;-) I see no where it explained the holding back on burning what PJPII the Great asked to be disposed of.

    I have a HUGE issue with this, period.

    (I read Amy's blog - er, religiously :-))

  2. JMJ


    I agree with you that it is common Christian decency to carry out the wishes of a dying man. At a more fitting article, I would ask you to defend calling Pope John Paul II "the Great" - perhaps on his beatification process. It seems to me history will not judge our departed Holy Father kindly.


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