Monday, June 20, 2005

Irish Bishops Apologize

Last Thursday, the Catholic Bishops, who are the trustees of the college, finally published the long-awaited McCullough report into the handling of allegations that Ledwith sexually harassed seminarians.

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  1. The report is an interesting read. It is clear that the Irish bishops collectively stuck their mitred heads in the sand about issues with Ledwith.

    Six or so seminarians and McGinnity approached the bishops with concerns that Ledwith was leading an inappropriate lifestyle and seemed to have overly personal relationships with certain other seminarians. The seminarians report only the facts and vague disatisfaction. McGinnity loses his position because he has no proof to back up explicitly stated suspicions of Ledwith's active homosexuality.

    They didn't want to hear it. They certainly didn't want to deal with it. They attack the messenger.

    What they are oblivious to is the profound risks associated with putting an active homosexual in a position of authority in a seminary. While it is difficult to deal with vague accusations, that is all that you will typically have to work with in a situation like this. They should have bided their time and looked more closely into what was going on.

    The same willful blindness afflicts the American bishops as a body with respect to homosexuality in the priesthood (and the episcopacy). They just refuse to deal with it. That's why we do criminal checks on harmless grandmas before we let them watch the little kids. That's why we teach innocent children to be affraid of family members, priests and religious touching them the wrong way.


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