Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Cause for John Paul's Sainthood

From ZENIT News Agency--The World Seen from Rome:

"People long perceived the holiness of Pope John Paul II, but 'we must wait for the official declaration' by the Church in the cause of canonization, says a Vatican official.

Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins, prefect of the Congregation for Sainthood Causes, is happily surprised by the popular acclamation of John Paul II's sanctity, heard during the April 8 papal funeral with cries of 'santo subito' (sainthood now!).

But he explained: 'We must wait five years after his death, unless Pope Benedict XVI establishes a dispensation for the start of the process.'

'However,' the cardinal added, 'the dispensation does not affect the process as such, which doesn't change.' "

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  1. JMJ

    Our dear departed Holy Father's personal sanctity has left an impression on us, but ultimately, it is known to God alone. We are certainly entitled to our opinions on the Holy Father's personal sanctity, but remember, it is only an opinion until the Church has approved two miracles as a matter of due process.

    I would like to give you the exmple of Thomas a-Kempis, the author of the Imitation of Christ. He was renownbed in his lifdetime for his sanctity, and for the edifying effect of the Imitation. Even in his lifetime, he was venerated as a saint. He lived into his 90s and his burial was attended by thousands, all honoring him as a saint.

    When they went to exhume his body some years later for th oproces of beatification, they found him lying on his stomach with his hand diown his throat. He had obviously been buried alive and took his own life. The process for his beatification stopped dead in its tracks.

    So, you see, as well-founded as an opinion might be, it is only an opinion unless and until we have it from the Church.

    As noble and pure as his intentions might have been, I have always been disturbed by the dissent from Catholic doctrine that took place under his watch. That is his responsibility. For all the adulation he received, how many of those actually put his teachings into practice? It is better that a Pope be hated but obeyed, like St. Pius X, because it is not the man that Christ gave the keys to, but the office.

    My purpose for this is no to dissuade good Catholics from seeking his intercession in hopes that he is in Heaven, and he may well be. Rather, as faithful children, let us keep Pope John Paul II in our prayers until we have received confirmation through the Church's authentication of two miracles through his intercession.


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