Thursday, May 19, 2005

Beware Liturgical Abusers

Catholic World News : Austrian bishop resigns after liturgical-abuse complaints

This would clearly be missed by the secular media's radar but wouldn't it be interesting if others start resigning early? I have said all along from reading the Pope's writings that liturgy would be his main focus and I think this will bear out.

From a faith perspective I see all of this as the fruition of the Year of the Eucharist declared by Pope John Paul II. I believe the synod of Bishops to be held this year will bear much long lasting good fruit that we all will experience first hand in our parish churches in the near future.


  1. Here's hoping. A good sign, to be sure.

  2. Huzzah!

    This post has made my day. Maybe the American bishops who traded their rosaries in for love beads back in the sixites will do likewise.

    How about a keg party for each resignation? Watch the Coors stock soar!

  3. Great phrase, Linda:

    "...traded their rosaries in for love beads..."

  4. JMJ

    There is an old saying: the faithful are always one step behind their pastor. Well, the same bishops who would have, before 1958, suspended priests for tinkering with a liturgy WHICH IS NOT THEIRS TO PLAY WITH, after Vatican II, found themselves unable to discipline priests who were teaching heresy or committing sacrileges. Faithless priests has led to godless faithful. This falls on the shoulders of the Holy Father. May the Holy Father DO HIS JOB and stop this abuse, but the widespread sacrileges and heresies spread through the liturgy over the last quarter century is also an indictment of the last pontificate. John Paul the Good? Certainly. John Paul the Great? We can't say that.

  5. I hate to rain on this liturgical parade, but the CWN brief doesn't actually say the resignation was offered or accepted because of liturgical abuse. It's possible it is two separate and unrelated facts. Or the resignation could be factual and liturgical abuse is an opinion of CWN or the writer.


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