Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Archdiocese of Miami Sued by Priest

I do not know the priest, but actually do know almost everyone he mentions which makes it interesting to me. A few present themselves in a way that probably would make it hard for them to defend themselves against a jury.

Archdiocese of Miami sued


  1. JMJ

    Go get 'em, Father Andrew! May Our Lady be with you.

  2. I admire Father Andrew's courage in standing up for the truth. I hope he wins and that his victory sends a message to the cowards who try to stifle the truth.

  3. The archbishop is my metropolita, but it seems this Polish priest tried hard to be a good priest in light of working for three other priests who were not so good. I doubt this article tells the whole story, as we only have one side of it, but I hope that if the allegations are true that the archdiocese is reprimanded, the gay priest is kicked out of the priesthood for violating his vow of celibacy, and the Polish priest fins a home. A priest like that is welcome in my diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee, but because we are under the metropolitan archibishop of Miami, I doubt he could get a place.

    God bless all the priests who do good in the light of the few who are abominations to their sacrament of Holy Orders.

  4. JMJ

    Don't count on anything changing, even if the law suit is successful. This kind of thing happens all the time throughout at least the United States. Read theias article. This kind of thing is happening under so many of the hirelings God has appointed under us.

    I'm not at all surprised when these stories come out against our bishops. There are dozens of stories like these.

  5. JMJ

    A much better example.


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