Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI !!!

Great news... did anyone notice that his coat of arms was almost exactly like John Paul's? I see this as a further fulfillment of St. John Bosco's prophecy (see below). May God bless this papacy!


  1. That's because it was John Paul's coat of arms. He doesn't have a papal coat of arms yet, so they just used the most recent one.

  2. You can find his papal coat of arms here:


  3. hey stunards-

    bene16 does NOT have a PAPAL coat of arms yet - people are speculating on his arms as cardinal-wait and see-no coat of arms yet you IDIOTS!!!

  4. It's not necessary to be rude, Anonymous.

  5. He has a new coat of arms. He has abolished the papal tiara and replaced it with a mitre. The shield is divided into three by the hill of mount carmel, in the left hand section there is a bear carrying a pack, opposite a moor and at the bottom a shall. Underneath the shield is the pallium.


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