Friday, April 8, 2005

The Next Pope "From the glory of the olive"

This blogger lays it out thus:

"The next pope is de gloria olivae ("from the glory of the olive"). You can view the odds on who this might be. Symbolically, the olive could be a reference to any (or none) of the following:
the Jewish race (for which the olive branch is an ancient symbol)
Jesus' prophecy on the Mount of Olives
Dark skin
Italy, Greece and/or Spain"


  1. Personally I think it should be Cardinal Martini--a clear fit for "from the glory of the olive."

  2. Apparently, in the past the Benedictines have insisted this prophecy suggests that one of their own will be on the papal throne, since the Order of St. Benedict is also known as the Olivetans. There is also an old tradition that St. Benedict himself prophecied that before the end of the world comes about, his order will lead the Church triumphantly in its fight against evil. (See "The Prophecies of St. Malachy," Peter Bander, ed., TAN, 1973.)

    As for the possibility that the "glory of the olive" refers to the Jewish people, we should note that one of the papabili is in fact of Jewish parentage: Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger of Paris.

    NB: One intriguing part of the Malachy prophecy is the uncanny accuracy of the motto given for John Paul II: "De Labore Solis." This phrase is Latin idiom for "Of the eclipse of the sun." There was in fact a full solar eclipse over Poland (and other parts of Europe) the day this pope was born--May 18, 1920.

  3. Other possibility I thought of today was the possibility of an Eastern Rite Cardinal (ie. Marionite rite ect.). This would be interesting in that it would not only move the Church towards further unity (with the orthodox) there by extending the olive branch and also would be a person 'of the olives'- so to speak- from the Holy Land so kind of a double whammy.
    I wonder also about the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris who also has some interesting connection.

  4. One hypothesis not mentioned is the new pontiff taking the name
    Benedict, adding St. Benedict's
    prophecy to St. Malachy's?!!

  5. the olive could symbolize a time of upheaval, or an anointing of God for a special mission. remember the lady who poured the olive oil over our Lord? we have a glorious pope on the way michael

  6. Should we be scared now that the new Pope is Pope Benedict XVI?

  7. Not scared, but instead jubilant, I think. Thank you for this gracious gift, Holy Spirit, and long live Pope Benedict XVI! Whether the Malachy prophecy was once again accurate, or it was in this case simply self-fulfilling--surely Cardinal Ratzinger knew of the prophecy, and could have been influenced by it in the choice of his new name--we have much to be grateful for, and much to pray about. God grant him every grace for the difficult task ahead . . .

  8. There is another prophecy that the last pope will be from the Benedictine order, aka the order of St. Benedict. Cardinal Ratzinger changes his name to "Benedict." The olive is symbolic of the Benedictine order. Prophecy fulfilled.

  9. Last night I suggested the new pope's name could be Benedict to fulfill both the Benedictine and St. Malachy prophecies. As both
    Paul Thigpen and Sam suggest Cardinal Ratzinger surely was familiar with these prophesies. Did he take Benedict XVI to fulfill
    a prophecy, love of a former pope or St. Benedict OR because his birthday falls on the feast day of St. Benedict Joseph Labre? I would love to learn his reason for his name choice. Regardless, prophesies
    fulfilled! Long live the Pope!


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