Saturday, April 23, 2005

I Guess it Should be the Pope Benedict XVI Fan Club Now

The Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club: Homepage


  1. To the Ratzinger Club Grand-Puba:

    Dude. Five days after your guy is elected pope and THAT'S the best you can do for an update?

    Because on Thursday, you wouldn't have known he was elected by looking at your website. I know your servers crashed and all, but still.

    Didn't you even have an inkling that this might happen?

    You guys got work to do.

  2. I was kind of struck that they hadn't much of an update on the election but the rest of the site shows a ton of work has gone into it...and they were on the bandwagon before the music was playing.

  3. Actually Christopher already has the new site up for the Pope Benedict XVI fan club.


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