Friday, February 25, 2005

Meanwhile on the Anglican Front--Schism

From Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Church faces schism today:

"The worldwide Anglican communion was heading for an unprecedented schism last night as its member churches in the US and Canada were asked to withdraw from intercommunal gatherings following the rift over homosexuality.

In a six-page communique, issued late last night following earlier leaks to the Guardian and other newspapers, the primates of the 78 million-strong Anglican church, attending a meeting in Northern Ireland, agreed to call upon the US and Canadian churches to withdraw voluntarily for at least three years.

Their representatives will not be invited to church meetings for that period. It was unclear whether the churches will be offered a form of associate or lesser status in the communion in the meantime.

The statement said that 'in order to recognise "

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  1. The Anglican Communion has chosen to discipline, albeit in its own strange manner, two heretical and apostate members. The Communion doesn't cause the schism - the decisions and the behavior of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada were of their nature schismatic.

    Dan Crawford


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