Thursday, February 10, 2005

Forty Days of Lent

Sunday's do count, in fact the first "traditional" day of Lent is the First Sunday of Lent--forty days later is Holy Thursday which is still a Lenten day until sundown.

From Another View of What Lent Means:

"When does Lent begin and end?

The observation of Lent begins on the first Sunday after Ash Wednesday (the first day we are sure to gather together), and ends at sundown, Holy Thursday, although the season starts on Ash Wednesday. So strictly speaking, what we call Lent is more than 40 days. Please see the documents quoted above for more information."


  1. Thanks for this.

    I must admit continued confusion over when Lent starts and what to do on Sundays. An interesting history is presented in the old Catholic Encyclopedia at

    Another question: Is the idea of giving something up for Lent a pious custom or written somewhere in Church law? And can we sacrifices switch in midstream?


  2. Isn't it great that many of us can "become educated" just by following the links given to us by our favorite bloggers! God bless the bloggers who keep posting continually as well as finding the time to write books, columns etc. in addition to caring for their families. God bless you all.


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