Friday, October 29, 2004

Vatican Intervenes with Parish In Minneapolis

Amy has mentioned this parish before that regularly has "guest speakers" preaching at Sunday Mass...St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, Mpls., MN., USA


  1. My parish, which I decline to mention lest the Liturgy Police raid the place, also has regular - well, three or four times a year - "guest speakers," usually parishoners trained in theology. These homilies are 300% better than the ones preached by the priests, which is more than understandable when you reflect that the priests have to preach Sunday after Sunday after Sunday, whereas a guest might preach once in two years. I probably have one or two good homilies in me, but not one every week!

  2. I just can't quite get over the pastor thanking his parishioners for the success of their annual "Caberet." A parish caberet? Wow.


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