Thursday, October 28, 2004

Statue of Mary in Indiana Weeps

From Northwest Indiana News:

"'The statue was commissioned by a priest in the Diocese of Chicago, and when he retired he had a chapel in his home and the statue was there. He had invited a group of priest friends to dinner and after dinner they decided they would go say a prayer in the chapel,' she said.

'All of a sudden, they noticed the tears coming down from the eye of the Blessed Mother,' she said.

Badyniak said the statue has twice shed tears.

The Rev. Michael Weidman, who celebrated the evening's prayer service and benediction, said so many are drawn to the statue of the Virgin.

'Especially at a time like this, when there's so many things to pray for with the war in Iraq and elections, there's so many things that they want to ask the Blessed Mother to intercede on their behalf and offer her prayers along with ours,' Weidman said."

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