Monday, October 11, 2004

A Miracle at Final Mass

One of the Boston churches that is closing experiences a rather dramatic ending to the liturgy. What do you think?

From / News / Local / A 'miracle' at final Mass:

After 99 years of feasts, funerals, weddings, and baptisms, parishioners who went to the final Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in East Boston yesterday declared that they had witnessed a miracle.

The church's statue of the Virgin Mary, which stood in front of the altar, tipped over suddenly and thudded to the floor after Mass, seemingly unmolested by human hands, parishioners said.

Trembling and weeping, they called it a sign from God protesting the Boston Archdiocese's decision to close their church, part of the lifeblood of the working-class, Italian-American neighborhood since 1905.

''This is a miracle!" Gerri Costa exclaimed after parishioners righted the 5-foot statue, which was missing a few pieces from its back. ''Miracles do happen, and this is a miracle. Viva La Madonna!"

The conclusion to the East Boston church's final Mass in Italian boiled with pain, anger, and hope, a tumult of emotions engulfing many parishes in the archdiocese as the process of closing 82 parishes continues.


  1. Maybe it was Mary trying to tell them that they shouldn't have a statue "in front of the altar"!!! (though I wonder why she waited until Mass was over?)

  2. At least she's respectfull, didn't want to leave untill it was over.

  3. I wouldn't discount the miraculous.

  4. I don't ever discount the miraculous. But I think, if it had been my job to do put the statue up in front of the altar in preparation for moving it to a new church, nobody would've been able to call that sucker a miracle.

    Because I would have been screaming and shrieking to everyone and Mary about how sorry I was for not getting the statue balanced correctly, or putting some kind of shoring around the thing.

    Look, statues are heavy and have narrow bases. That's why they're normally in protective niches. There was probably a lot of noise and moving feet at the end of Mass, and that Mass was probably packed to the gills. You don't need "human hands" to knock stuff down; I've knocked over entire heavy bookcases just by getting the floor vibrating too much.

    It just goes to show that if you get too worked up to think, you often do damage to exactly what you're so worried about.

  5. Sounds like a definite signal that the church is closing for sure to me. Even the BVM decided to pack it up and punch out. =)

  6. Yup, I"d be looking for a new Catholic parish on that note.


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