Friday, August 20, 2004

"Those who live by the sword..." The Deal Hudson Drama

Yes, it is an attack. Yes, it is political. Yes, it is to be expected.

If Deal Hudson had been forthright about his past in his "confessions" none of this would be news. There is a lesson here for all of us.

Be honest about your own sinfulness before you pick up the stones to cast at another. You likely will be putting the stone down before you throw it.

Be humble like the Savior you claim to follow. About this piece of advice, nothing seems to make faithful people angrier.

Show your scars, be repentant, and in your weakness God's power will amaze you.

We are all tempted to imitate Peter in the Garden by pulling our sword and lopping off the ear of the Temple guard, rather than Jesus. And we are likely to flee when Jesus does the unthinkable and heals the ear that we just lopped off. But then who were we following in the first place?


  1. Good words of advice. The part that still makes me angry is how both sides are forgetting they are Catholic, and allowing politics to lead their lives. I find that the even more disturbing part!

  2. DH may or may not have had it coming to him. Whenever I hear of someone saying something bad about me, I always think to myself "I'm just glad they don't know about my real sins."

    I'm sorta with Fr. Rob on this one: glass houses notwithstanding, having sinned in the past - and sought forgiveness for the sin - should not foreclose someone from speaking out against sins in the future.

  3. Totally agree. If nothing else he was foolish to seek out such a public profile with that skeleton in his cupboard. What ever happened to humility and prudence?

  4. Is publically complaining about a transexual nun, detraction?

    ----------- At times his theological allegiance with these orders placed Bishop Burke in some compromising positions. Most striking, perhaps, was the case of Sister Julie Green, a member of the Franciscan Servants of Jesus:

    "Julie Green is living a lie!" writes Mary Therese Helmueller in an October 25, 2002, letter to Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo, Papal Nuncio to the United States. "[She] is a transsexual, a biological male. He is really Joel Green, who had a sex operation to make him physically appear as a woman.... I fear that The Church in America will suffer another 'sex scandal' if Julie Green continues to be recognized as a Catholic Religious Sister, and if Bishop Raymond L. Burke receives his final vows, as a religious sister, on November 23rd, 2002."

    Montalvo forwarded the letter to Burke, who on November 20, 2002, replied to Helmueller. "With regard to Sister Julie Green, F.S.J., the recognition of the association of the faithful which she and Sister Anne LeBlanc founded was granted only after consultation with the Holy See," he writes. "These are matters which are confidential and do not admit of any further comment.... I can assure you that Sister Julie Green in no way espouses a sex change operation as right or good. In fact, she holds it to be seriously disordered. Therefore, I caution you very much about the rash judgments which you made in your letter to the Apostolic Nuncio."

    Adds Burke: "I express my surprise that, when you had questions about Sister Julie Green, you did not, in accord with the teaching of our Lord, address the matter to me directly."


    There's that old confidentiality clause again. How many more scandals do we have to endure because people in positions of power and control cannot do the right thing and weed out weirdos and perverts?


  5. Michael, I'm a convert, and I may have missed a memo, but I was distinctly under the impression that once a sin is confessed sacramentally (and we have no right to assume Hudson didn't confess this one sacramentally, unless someone has evidence that he didn't), then it's GONE (except as a cautionary tale in one's own heart), and no one else has a right to know jack about it.

    So is our hypothetical penitent permanently estopped from teaching the truth as regards the morality that he once violated? Or violates repeatedly, for that matter?

    I have a problem with the notion that anyone who wants to defend the Church's teachings, even against public figures, must first do an Oprah-esque tell-all of the contents of his own past confessions.


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