Monday, August 9, 2004

Terrorist Plot ?

Was Harris speaking out of turn? Makes me wonder why she would have dreamt up the Carmel, IN angle in Venice, FL? And what it makes me think about right away is the power outage that struck last year on August 14th that knocked power out in New York, Cleveland and Detroit...was that a successful terror attack that was kept secret?

Makes you wonder...

From the old home town newspaper The Lakeland Ledger atTerrorist Plot Claim Is Disputed |

"In making the statement during a speech to 600 people Monday night in Venice, Harris either shared a closely held secret or passed along second-hand information as fact.

A staff member of the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which oversees the nation's intelligence operations, said he had heard of no such plot.

And Indiana officials in the county where the power grid is located were at a loss to explain where the information originated.

'As the sheriff of this county, I would certainly be aware of such a threat,' Hamilton County Sheriff Doug Carter said. 'I have no information to corroborate any of that.'

In an interview Tuesday, Harris would not reveal the name of the mayor who told her about the threat or provide further details.

She said in the speech that a man of Middle Eastern heritage had been arrested in the plot and that explosives were found in his home in Carmel, a suburb north of Indianapolis.

Harris, a Republican from Longboat Key who is running for re-election, grew up in Bartow.

She said the case was an example of the nation's success in fighting terrorism."

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