Thursday, August 26, 2004


Vote for the subject of Mel's next movie, St. Francis is my pick...PASSION OF CHRIST - WHAT NEXT MEL GIBSON POLL

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  1. This was the greatest devotional picture ever made, in my view, and one of the great films ever made, period. More than great, I find it utterly unique, which is an even rarer achievement. He may not want to go back to this well, for that reason. Also, he's spoken of being called to do this picture. Maybe that also makes it a one-time thing. What he'll do next, I don't know. I'd heard he wanted to do a picture about the Reformation.

    My guess is that Gibson, putting aside spirituality and devotion for a second, understands above all that, as a filmmaker, a movie has to have tragedy and conflict to work cinematically. The Passion certainly has this, even if you're an atheist. I don't know if the story of St. Francis, or if "Passion II: The Resurrection" would either. Mel the devotional believer would do a great job with these as well, but Mel the producer/director will probably win out and I expect Luther, etc., or, as he's mentioned, the Maccabees.

    Then again, he may want to make larger-than-life heroes out of Lefevbre and other Vatican II resistors and tell the tale of the intrepid presevers of the Latin Mass, etc. -- just to watch the heads explode, all over again.

    I'm only half joking.

    John Heavrin


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