Wednesday, August 18, 2004

(Liquid) Powder Forces Closure of Fort Wayne Airport

Local news reports that it was not a "white powder" but rather a clear liquid contained in an unmarked bottle, the shape of a wine bottle.

From - U.S. World - Powder Forces Closure of Fort Wayne Airport:

"A white powder spilled from a bag being unloaded at the Fort Wayne Airport Wednesday morning making at least one airport worker ill and forcing the closure of the airport. The bag was being unloaded from an American Eagle flight from Chicago, airport spokeswoman Sandra Lux said. She said the bag belongs to a doctor from Beirut, Lebanon who was not on the flight. One worker became ill after coming in contact with the powder and two others complained of severe itching.The airport terminal was shut down and all fights were delayed after the 2 a.m. incident. Lux said that officials were attempting to contact the doctor and determine what the white powder is."

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  1. Hard to believe that in a post 9-11 atmosphere (in which John Ashcroft supposedly exerts Gestapoesque control of our lives -- what a joke) that a piece of luggage could fly without its owner (especially an owner from "Beirut, Lebanon" -- sorry for the p.c. types who don't believe in the commonsense [and widely practiced, never mind the denials -- or so I thought] policy of profiling]. But I guess we have to believe it, in this case.

    If terror comes to Fort Wayne, Indiana, we're all in don't get any more heartland than that.

    Clear liquid, though? That seems to rule out anthrax, I would reports are always chaotic at first. Who knows what this is, if anything.

    John Heavrin


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