Friday, August 13, 2004

Girl's First Communion Invalidated

Not the first time this has come up. In fact we did a book on this a few years ago that argues quite convincingly why the matter of the Sacraments matters, I include a link to that book which deals with all the Sacraments including marriage (man and woman being the matter) and priesthood (a male being the matter).

It should be pointed out that the young girl could receive the Precious Blood and that she would be receiving the whole Christ...but these issues usually involve someone trying to make a point rather than any real search for the truth.

FromGirl's First Communion invalidated over wheat-free wafer -

"A Monmouth County, N.J., woman is battling the Catholic Church after church officials invalidated her 8-year-old's First Communion because she received a wheat-free wafer, contrary to church tradition.

Liz Pelly-Waldman's daughter, Haley, suffers from a rare digestive disorder and can't consume the wheat wafer that Catholics believe becomes the body of Christ during Communion.

Pelly-Waldman initially asked her priest to allow Haley to eat bread made without gluten, which is a component of wheat.

But the priest refused. And when Pelly-Waldman found a priest who would serve Haley a gluten-free wafer, the Diocese of Trenton, N.J., stepped in and declared that the Communion was invalid. "


  1. Peace, Michael.

    This episode is rather sad, especially given the pharmaceutical content of most children's liquid medicines. Too bad a stronger effort wasn't made with receiving the Precious Blood.

    That said, the Church comes off looking ogrish on this. I used to ponder human beings emigrating to another planet without grains, or a plague wiping out all wheat on the planet earth. Would Jesus have to come back again, or would people be content to be inspired by the Holy Spirit instead of getting stuck with only six Sacraments.

  2. No, Todd, the church doesn't LOOK ogrish in this case ... it WAS ogrish in this and all other similar cases.

    There must be a place in hell for church bureaucrats who define and impose such useless rules.

  3. An adult convert at my parish cannot take the Sacred Host, for the same reason as the child; the pastor suggested that she receive the Sacred Blood instead.
    She is happy with this solution.


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