Sunday, August 1, 2004

The Angry Reaction...

Over the Vatican Letter (see below)...

From Top News Article |

"'This letter could easily have been written by an imam of al-Azhar,' she said referring to Sunni Islam's most respected institution of religious learning in Cairo.

'To be fair to the Catholic Church, no religion is a great friend of women,' she told the Corriere della Sera newspaper. 'They pay you a lot of compliments but when push comes to shove they ask you to stay in your place: wife, nurse, mother and grandmother.' "

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  1. Peace, Michael.

    This letter is far from the CDF's best efforts. I found it so weak as to be unworthy of anger or really any other strong emotion. It speaks of collaboration between men and women, but I wonder how much of this kind of collaboration went into its genesis. Poor gloss job on feminism, which deserves a more thorough treatment, especially in areas in which that philosophy would be congruent to Catholic morality. Paragraph two was shockingly naive about the nature of conflict and struggle for justice.


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