Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Passion of the Christ Leading Some Back to Church

Something that I've been saying in this blog since its inception is that the renewal of the Catholic Church will not come about from some the institution of any program but from a renewed exposition of Jesus as he is presented in the Gospels.

From - Renewed passion for faith:

"Though many moviegoers say they were profoundly moved by the graphic scenes of Jesus' torture and crucifixion, for Mohan it was the seemingly small moments in the movie — seeing Jesus with his mother, seeing him forgive Mary Magdalene, the brief resurrection scene at the end — that added up to a big change.

When she emerged from the theater, something in her was shifting.

She realized that her anger over the sexual abuse scandal was directed at 'a small group of men, the bishops and some of the priests — and not really the whole Catholic Church. Because that's really the people.'

She also realized she was holding onto hurts that didn't seem to matter in the bigger picture. The discomfort she felt with relatives after her mother's death was keeping her away from the only place where she truly felt spiritually comfortable.

'I realized that worshiping God is the important thing. I opened myself up to God again.'

Mohan also says she is changed in other ways.

'I find myself being nicer to people. Just smiling more. Not yelling at people in the car. Letting people just go ahead and turn in front of me.'"

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