Friday, February 7, 2003

You're Not Insane if You Have Plenty of Cash

Warren Zevon has lyrics in his song Splendid Isolation that go, "Michael Jackson in Disneyland, don't have to share it with nobody else, lock the gates, Goofy, take my hand and lead me through the World of Self." Turns out the lyrics don't reflect accurately the real Mr. Jackson. It is people his own age that he despises---he loves to be accompanied by children--- bunches of them.

Adults like Martin Bashir who interviewed Jackson and followed him around for eight months might "judge" Jackson as a little odd. But odd is no longer a fit moniker for Jackson---clearly Jackson is mentally ill.

But Jackson is also filthy rich.

So doctors will continue to rearrange and plaster his face as long as the checks keep coming. Women will allow themselves to be injected with his sperm cells and hand over their babies to him covered in placenta as he races home to enshroud them in a burka. Parents will allow their children to "sleep" with Jackson and collect the checks to keep silent. Art galleries will continue to demand payment for the art that he flippantly picks out like he was at a flea market.

The rest of us watch and do nothing.

Jackson's wealth may keep him out of a mental institution but he should not be allowed to inflict his illness on others. The trouble with the insanity of Michael Jackson is that he is a pop icon of the insanity of our culture that no longer looks with scorn on those who victimize others by their own selfish whims.

Zevon had that part right about Jackson. It is the world of "self" that he occupies--a veritable living hell.

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