Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Turns Out That Catholic Iraqi Politician is Just Like American Catholic Politicians

They call themselves Catholic but it really doesn't mean anything to them, but their wives are faithful.

From United Press International: Commentary: Saddam's loyal 'Christian':

Well now, is Tariq Aziz actually a Christian? It's a matter of interpretation. According to bishop Ibrahim N. Ibrahim, first ordinary of the Chaldean Catholic Church in the United States, he is a Christian "because he was baptized."

In fact, he was baptized Michael Yohanna some 66 years ago in the village of Telkaz, near the town of Mosul in northern Iraq. So why does he call himself Tariq Aziz? Because he thought this would make him more acceptable in the eyes of the Muslim majority in Iraq, exiled Iraqis told United Press International on Monday.

Is he still a Christian, then?

"Well," said bishop Ibrahim, "his wife is very faithful. She attends mass every day."

What about Tariq Aziz, though? "No," allowed the bishop, "but I did see him at his mother's and his brother's funerals."

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