Sunday, February 9, 2003

Throng bids farewell to Bishop Crowley

From the South Bend Tribune:

As the church bells at St. Matthew Cathedral, 1701 Miami St., slowly tolled 12 times at noon, the funeral Mass for its former rector began.

At the back of the church, altar boys and girls, seven bishops, an archabbot and six priests approached Crowley's casket.

The six priests, who would be the pallbearers, draped an ivory-colored pall over the casket. The pall was adorned with an ornate gold cross. On top of the casket was placed the Book of the Gospel and Crowley's burgundy colored biretta -- a square cap with three projections and a tassel on top, worn by Roman Catholic clergy.

The entourage escorted the casket to the front of the church so the service could begin.

At least 100 priests from the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend and the order of the Holy Cross filled several pews to the left of the altar.

D'Arcy presided over the Mass.

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