Thursday, February 13, 2003

How Far Can You Go?

Advice for the single (woman) on St. Valentine's Day from the National Catholic Register:

Do: Be slow about getting physical.

Don't: "Hook up" before you're married.

Do: Your homework.

Don't: Go out with someone whose background you can't check or whom you immediately recognize as requiring change.

Do: Agree on a specific activity and make sure it's wholesome and designed to enhance communication.

Don't: Go drinking or to a movie with explicit sex scenes.

Do: Take your time, remembering that getting to know someone is a long, slow jog - not a sprint.

Don't: Lead the relationship.

Do: Make a list.

Don't: Reject someone who possesses important qualities because he isn't ideal in less significant ways, such as appearance or recreational interests.

Do: Be open to meeting men in settings other than bars and clubs.

Don't: Be a one-woman search party.

Do: Dress appropriately.

Don't: Be so scrupulous about modesty that you look frumpy.

Do: Pray.

Don't: Despair.

You'll have to go to the story to get the low down on what some of the advice is getting at.

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