Monday, February 10, 2003

Gun Toting Christ?

Bizarre...From the Cybercast News Service:

Members of Beija Flor, a samba dance group, have already practiced the scene, which includes an actor representing Jesus Christ lowering himself from the cross and confronting Satan with a revolver in his hand. During the battle, a small child is killed. Photos from the play, featuring Jesus carrying the revolver, were shown recently in local newspapers.

The director of Beija Flor denounced any attempts to control the content of Carnival activities. "The authorities, instead of censoring cultural shows like ours, should prohibit hunger, the homeless and unemployment," said Luiz Fernando Ribeiro de Castro.

"We want to create a doubt: Who shot the child - Christ or the demon?" said Hilton de Castro, who is also involved in directing the scene.

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