Sunday, February 23, 2003

The Genius of Archbishop Dolan

Some conservative blogs and news sites are negatively reporting something that is coming out of Milwaukee. The fact that Archbishop Dolan is mandating that the Archdiocese enter anew the process of RENEW. Here is are the Archbishop's comments from The Milwaukee Catholic Herald:

As you have probably heard, this Lent, many of our parishes, at my request, will offer the Renew program (with the others opting to do it next fall). We are all familiar with Renew, as the entire archdiocese benefited from it over 15 years ago. It is a six-week endeavor where groups meet throughout parishes for prayer, reflection on Sacred Scripture, study, mutual reflection, and discussion. It has a proven track record, with thousands of people hailing it as a very effective means of sound evangelization, catechesis, and interior conversion.

The original Renew program was widely criticized by conservatives to be doctrinally flawed and a breeding ground for diseminating dissident views throughout the Church in the United States. But folks, this is not your mother's RENEW program.

Renew comes from the Newark Archdiocese and the current Renew materials carry the Imprimatur of Archbishop Meyers. I can assure you that the doctrinal irregularities that were the original are no longer there.

The genius of using the program is that people are already familiar with it. But now they can be reevangelized in the truth in the very same process that once introduced them to error.

Conservatives need to support great bishops like Archbishop Dolan and pray for them rather than criticizing every move before they have the facts!

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