Sunday, February 9, 2003

Catholic healer doesn't mind skeptics

From My San Antonio:

When Setien prayed over her, she said she felt a strange, warm sensation in the affected part of her body and the pain was gone. Maxwell rose from her wheelchair, walked about seven steps without help, then walked back.

Soon after her daughter's healing, Tarin attended Setien's prayer meeting after learning from a doctor that she had a small tumor on her left breast, she said.

"Mr. Setien said, 'There's a lady who's just learned she has a tumor on her breast. Raise your hand.'"

Setien said he told her, "You don't have it anymore. Don't worry about it."

When she returned to the doctor, she said, the lump was gone.

Domingo Setien is 73 years old and has the support of his Archbishop.

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