Monday, February 3, 2003

Amy Withdrawal?

For those faithful readers of Amy's blog who are looking for more from her, here are a few suggestions:

1). Subscribe to Our Sunday Visitor newspaper. Amy has a column in it every other week with the same sort of material that she often wrote about in the blog. She also does book reviews and frequently writes feature articles. If you do subscribe mention that you are doing it because you want to read more writing by Amy.

2). Write your local Catholic diocesan paper and ask them to carry Amy's syndicated CNS column also bi-weekly and though geared toward youth applicable to all.

3). Request Amy's books at your local Barnes and Nobles and Borders bookstores. While you are at it request her husband's (me) books too! Amy has a number of books out already (have you read them?) and a number coming out in the next two years.

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