Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Americans Ready for 15,000 Troop Deaths

From Total Catholic:

Some 100,000 body bags and 6,000 coffins have been airlifted to a US military base in Sicily as part of American preparations for war on Iraq.

That was the claim of the Pope's chief advisor on justice and peace Archbishop Renato Martino this week.

In an interview with a US Catholic weekly newspaper, Archbishop Martino said he had information that President George W Bush's administration 'foresees' the deaths of 15,000 American troops should the predicted conflict become reality.

With the sons of numerous people that I work with over in the area of Iraq already I cannot tell you how much I am against this military action. I think that we have fallen right into a trap that Osama Bin Laden hoped would be our response to 9/11. Brutal action in Iraq is turning the world against us and as one conservative political commentator has said it looks like we are "empire building" not reacting to any real threat against us.

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