Saturday, July 6, 2002

Positive looks at everything

Back to regular blogging on Sunday. I have to finish a big project today and then I'll be free to once again provide commentary and news on events from my corner of the world.

The Scripture quote I chose for this blog has been rather prophetic and I won't go into details but the "now you will be silent" has been one of the reasons I haven't blogged much in the past few weeks. But I've decided that there is a positive way that God works through everything, including this and I'll take the challenge. So from here on out the focus of this page will be to take a positive look at the seemingly negative direction that life often seems to be headed toward.

The Trip

We have returned from visiting two hall of fames and seeing two professional baseball games for our celebration of the Fourth of July. Both games we attended at PNC Park in Pittsburgh were very pleasant. It is a beautiful stadium and very comfortable to watch a game in, even when it is in the high 90's! I had been to the Football Hall of Fame before, but had not to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which had a nice film at the beginning tracing the roots of rock and a nice computerized jukebox where you could hear anything ever recorded by the inductees--but it was crowded so it wasn't always easy to use any of these computer stations. We ate lunch in Cooper'stown (Alice Cooper's restaraunt).

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