Monday, July 1, 2002

From Scandal to Hope

I hope everyone will read this book before making quick and uninformed decisions on its contents. The attack on the media is necessarily what the self-inflated media egos will focus on and again limit that wide term as though it only meant "newspapers" which of course it doesn't. The book is about reform and believe me everyone gets blasted equally, even the all not so holy media (think television, movies, advertising, radio, etc.).

I wish the media were the true "watchdog" that it should be, but the media (newspapers and television) have consistently let us down over the past 20 years when they have not reported stories that went agaist a certain liberal bias. Even in the current clergy crisis they have not always been pure in what they chose to report. When the story proved to be more about "gay" priests rather than child molesters--the focus was shifted to the bishops as though they were handling all of these case individually. If anyone thinks the media is unbiased, let them reflect on how the Clinton presidency was reported on, and the Florida presidential election results!

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