Tuesday, July 30, 2002

From a reader:

John Michael Talbot was a secular franciscan (like lots of other lay Catholics, including St. Thomas More). He started his own community, first called the Franciscan Brothers and Sisters of Charity (affiliated with the secular franciscans), then he disbanded it, and founded a new community, the Brothers and Sisters of Charity, a public association of the faithful which has married, single, and celibate members. With the permission of Bishop Andrew McDonald, who witnessed their vows, John and Viola were transferred to the married monastic expression of the community in 1989. He does not wear the Franciscan habit, he wears the habit of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity (pants and a tunic top), with the hooded prayer shawl of the monastic expression over it. This is the habit he's worn since 1989, not the old brown Franciscan habit with knotted cord that appears on some of his early albums.

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