Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Reflections on "The List"

I've quickly read through the list, many of the accounts are well known to anyone who has followed this scandal over the past few months. It is staggering to see it all presented in ledger like fashion and to see how widespread the practice of reassigning problem priests has been.

Unfortunately there are some cases presented that are unfair to a few of the bishops who inherited a mess and who I personally know to be above reproach in this regard, yet they made the list anyway. But there are also missing names of bishops that I personally know have been guilty of this practice.

There is one case in the list that I am intimately involved in and quite frankly I am relieved to see that my name did not come up in the piece as "the whistle blower" in it. I was contacted by the journalist who must have been writing the summary of it, but since I was on the road at the time, we never made contact. Thank God for that. In reading this particular account, it is clear that the journalist is walking on egg shells in the presentation of the case which was actually even more vile than one could imagine.

What the list reveals is an institution wide problem and one wonders as one bishop recently stated publicly how the very people who are responsible for the problem will solve it?

Rather than come up with any policy at this meeting, sack cloth and ashes should be handed out at the door and they should just gather and publicly do penance for three days--then some should go back to their dioceses and resign.

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