Monday, June 10, 2002

Cardinal George's column reflecting the upcoming meeting is interesting and worth a read. From The Catholic New World:

A certain hypocrisy permeates the discussion about bishops when the same people who denounce them for not controlling immoral priests also denounce them for trying to control anything at all. The real agenda of many who now control the public discussion about sexual misconduct by priests is the discrediting of episcopal authority, cheered on by Catholics who have become upset with the Church for various reasons, and the weakening of the Catholic Church’s influence in American life. That is why the discussion is now moving from sexual misconduct with minors over the past 50 years to homosexuality in the priesthood to sexual sin with adults to sexual abuse of children by Sisters. These investigations and stories will not end very soon. Sin and forgiveness are an old story in the history of the Church, and so is dislike of Catholicism. There’s a saying in the French language which roughly translates: the one who eats the Pope dies of a stomach ache. Bishops discredit themselves when they sin; but their office is integral to the constitution of the Church.

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